Owner: Fichard, Johann ( 1512 - 1581)
Description: Front cover of 16th century binding with 20th century vellum rebacking on spine. Wooden boards, no tooling, and no labels.
Source: Horatius Flaccus, Quintus, Opera. Comm: Antonius Mancinellus; Add: Pseudo- Acron; Pomponius Porphyrio; Christophorus Landinus. Ed: Antonius Mancinellus , Venice [Philippus Pincius partly with Bevilaqua's types] '13 July 1498' [i.e. not after 1500]
Institution: Free Library of Philadelphia Shelfmark: CW-424 Location: Front cover
Place of use: Frankfurt am Main Century: 16th
Type: Binding


49M51 book-cover, binding

See: https://data.cerl.org/mei/02150158
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