Owner: Lodovicus, Guilielmus undefined|Dale, Robert undefined|Smith, John
Description: Inscription in large elegant script (16th/17th?-century) on title-page: "Guilielmi Lodouici Liber". CERL thesaurus records a Gulielmus Lodovicus with dates 1561 - 1577. [unconfirmed whether this is the same one] Inscription on title-page: "IS Feb.25.611.S.A. ex permutatione" [i.e. John Smith, 1611. This is probably the nephew of the founder of Christ’s Hospital School Lincoln, Richard Smith.] Erased inscription on title-page in an early hand. Large lower-case letters (x/p d) on title-page.
Source: Denisse, Nicolas, Opus super sententias valde egregiu[m] in disciplina theologie cunctis proficere volentibus permaxime necessarium (quod resolutio theologoru[m] merito dicitur) per famosissimu[m] virum Magistrum Nicolau[m] Denijse prouincialem francie super fratres minores de obseruantia vulgariter nuncupatos fideliter discussum: aggregatus atq[ue] examinatu[m]..
Institution: Oxford, Bodleian Library Shelfmark: Lincoln CHS 9 Location: Title page
Century: 16th , 17th
Type: Ownership inscription
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