Owner: Augustianie, Warszawa
Description: Ownership inscription of Augustinians from Warsaw.
Transcription: Con[ve]ntus Varsov[iensi]s S. Martini PP. Augustianor[um]
Source: Vergilius Maro, Publius, Opera [Bucolica and Georgica, with argumenta (comm. Servius, Landinus and Mancinellus); Aeneis, with argumenta (comm. Servius, Donatus and Landinus)]. Add: Maphaeus Vegius: Liber XIII Aeneidos. Additional texts , Venice [Albertinus Vercellensis] for Lucantonio fiorentino 27 Aug. 1500
Institution: Warszawa, Biblioteka Uniwersytecka Shelfmark: Sd.52.37 Location: b1 r.
Place of use: Warszawa
Type: Ownership inscription Technique: Ink


49L27 mark of ownership

49L8 inscription

See: https://data.cerl.org/mei/02145122
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