Owner: Thorold, John Hayford, Sir
Description: Ex-libris of Syston Park Library, Lincolnshire
Transcription: Syston Park.
Source: , Elegantiarum viginti praecepta , [Deventer] Jacobus de Breda [1485-87]
Institution: Koninklijke Bibliotheek - Nationale Bibliotheek van Nederland Shelfmark: KW 170 G 121 Location: Front pastedown
Place of use: Lincolnshire
Type: Ex-Libris Technique: Pasted in
Height: 8,6 Width: 6,4
Notes: Former owner: Syston Park Library, Lincolnshire


49M8 ex-libris

49L27 mark of ownership

46A122 armorial bearing, heraldry

25F24(STAG) hoofed animals: stag

47I214 goat

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