Owner: Nijhoff, Martinus, éditeur (1826 - 1894)
Description: Cut out paragraph about this book from the auction catalogue of the collection Enschedé (Haarlem, Frederik Muller and Martinus Nijhoff, 9-14 December 1867)
Source: , Epistolae et Evangelia [Dutch] , Utrecht Johann Veldener 30 July 1479
Institution: Koninklijke Bibliotheek - Nationale Bibliotheek van Nederland Shelfmark: KW 168 G 40 Location: Front endleaves
Place of use: Amsterdam Century: 19th Exact Date: 1867
Type: Purchase information / prices Technique: Printed
Notes: Auction catalog digitized, see: http://opc4.kb.nl/DB=1/XMLPRS=Y/PPN?PPN=41293213X: Uploaded by: Lucrezia Signorello


49M71 second-hand book-shop

49M7 book-shop, bookseller

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