Owner: Cologne, Dominicans of St Crucis, 1221-1804
Description: Inscription of Dominicans of St Crucis in Cologne
Transcription: Ordinis P(rae)dicator(um) Colonie
Source: Albertus Magnus, De muliere forti. Add: Pseudo- Albertus Magnus, Orationes super evangelia dominicalia. Rodolphus de Langen (Rudolphus Langius): Epitaphium in Albertum Magnum. Ad urbem Agrippinensem , Cologne Heinrich Quentell 7 May 1499
Institution: Koninklijke Bibliotheek - Nationale Bibliotheek van Nederland Shelfmark: KW 169 F 47 [1] Location: aa1 r
Place of use: Cologne Century: 15th , 16th
Type: Ownership inscription Technique: Black Ink
Notes: Uploaded by: Lucrezia Signorello


49L27 mark of ownership

49L8 inscription

11P315(DOMINICANS) monastic orders, monastic life: Dominicans

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