Owner: Holland House Library
Description: Inside Front Cover Paper Bookplate and Inscriptions
Transcription: FAIRE SANS DIRE | Holland House
Source: Savonarola, Hieronymus, Triumphus crucis seu de veritate fidei [Italian] Della verità della fede cristiana sopra el glorioso triompho della croce , [Florence Bartolommeo di Libri after Aug. 1497]
Institution: Bryn Mawr PA, Bryn Mawr College Shelfmark: S-275f Location: Front pastedown
Place of use: England Century: 18th , 19th
Type: Coat of arms Technique: other
Notes: Coat of arms and motto are in printed ink, "Holland House" is in ink, and all other text is in blue pencil
See: https://data.cerl.org/mei/02146091
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