Owner: Rijksprentenkabinet, Amsterdam (1808 - )
Description: Stamp in red ink of the Rijksprentenkabinet of Amsterdam: the coat of arms of Napoléon-Louis Bonaparte (as Louis II of Holland) and "KONING: BIBLIO:"
Transcription: KONING: BIBLIO:
Source: Brant, Sebastian, Das Narrenschiff [Latin] Stultifera navis. Tr: Jacobus Locher Philomusus. Add: Jacobus Locher Philomusus: Carmina varia , Basel Johann Bergmann, de Olpe 1 Mar. 1497
Institution: Koninklijke Bibliotheek - Nationale Bibliotheek van Nederland Shelfmark: KW 170 F 11 Location: A1r
Place of use: Amsterdam Century: 19th Exact Date: 1808-1810
Type: Stamp Technique: Red Ink
Height: 3 Width: 2.5
Notes: The same stamp is also present in: Koninklijke Bibliotheek - Nationale Bibliotheek van Nederland (NL), KW 171 G 116 [https://data.cerl.org/mei/02101245] Uploaded by: Lucrezia Signorello


49L27 mark of ownership

49L65 seal, stamp

See: https://data.cerl.org/mei/02100337
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